These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (2023)

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We've all been there. Knocking our foreheads into glass as we're trying to draw on eyeliner. Thinking we need new glasses because our face is starting to look a bit blurry. Cursing our artificial bathroom lighting when we finally get to see our face in broad daylight. Oh, the frustrations of using a bad vanity mirror.

If you, too, are tired of doing your makeup in such challenging conditions, then it's most definitely time to upgrade your vanity situation. Lucky for us, there's a surprising variety of options out there. Renters who don't have the luxury of putting up a full-sized bathroom vanity can find plenty of tabletop and space-saving mounted mirrors that do the job just as well. And homeowners seeking affordable, yet chic mirrors that show them in their best light will be dazzled by the high-tech features that many now come with. Yes, some of these vanity mirrors have lights.

Here's my pick of the most stylish vanity mirrors to buy for your home RN. Shoppers rate these picks highly, and I love their design, too.

9 chic vanity mirrors for doing your makeup in style

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Tabletop vanity mirrors

These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (1)$29.99

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1. Easehold Lighted Makeup Mirror

The do-it-all option

Size: W3.2" x H7.7"

This tabletop mirror is glowing — literally. With three layers of LED lights, it offers all the illumination you need to get your makeup done clearly. Both the brightness and light colors are adjustable, plus there are three magnification levels so you can see every single detail (if you want to). A rechargeable battery runs for up to 15 days and the whole thing can be folded up to prevent the mirror from getting dusty.

These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (2)$203.98

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2. iHome Bluetooth Tabletop Makeup Mirror

Small yet glam

Size: W12" x H16"

Want the classic Hollywood look, but don't have the space for a full-sized vanity? Look no further than this tabletop alternative. It's got four levels of brightness and three color modes, including a soft yellow that mimics low-light environments so you can prep for nights out. And while it may have a throwback feel, this mirror is about as modern as it gets — high-tech functions include built-in speakers, hands-free calling, and voice control with select digital assistants. Hey Google, can you say flawless?

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These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (3)$65

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3. Fancii & Co. Gala LED Vanity Mirror

Simple and practical

Size: W7.9” x H15”

Admire your angles from, well, every angle with this rotating mirror, which can switch from vertical selfie mode to a horizontal panoramic position. A small mirror that pulls out from the side offers 10X magnification but easily tucks away when not in use. The practical features don't end there. The base has a built-in tray for holding your most-used products and the LED lights shut off automatically after 30 minutes.

Wall-mounted vanity mirrors

These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (4)$230

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4. Simplehuman Round Makeup Mirror

The high-quality splurge

Size: W3.1" x H13.8"

Yes, this is a pricey one, but as Simplehuman fans will tell you, the brand's products work. The proprietary Tru-Lux light system has surgical-grade LEDs and is as close to natural sunlight as you can get. A telescopic arm helps you find the perfect angle and the high-quality ultra-clear glass has a precise curve so there's no distortion. There's a hardwired version, but this rechargeable option looks far more sleek and is easier for renters. Both come in five different finishes — choose the one that speaks to you and your home.

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5. Modern Swivel Vanity Mirror

Timeless and elegant

Size: W3.1" x H13.8"

Not all of our furnishings need to make a statement. Sometimes, a simple, classic choice is the right one and that's totally the case with this modern swivel mirror from West Elm. The streamlined look matches just about any decor style and the dual sides with 1x and 2x magnification do exactly what you need a vanity mirror to do. The durable stainless steel frame comes plated in five different finishes. Gold is timeless, but a black mirror also has a slick, minimalist appeal.

These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (6)$24.99

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6. JiBen Suction Magnifying Makeup Mirror

The rental-friendly choice

Size: W3.1" x H13.8"

Calling all renters! It's absolutely possible to put up a wall-mounted vanity mirror without a nail in sight. This portable mirror boasts a powerful suction cup that locks in place but also detaches without damaging your walls (as long as the surface is smooth and non-porous). The LED lights turn on with a touch of a button and the arm swivels for easy positioning. The battery-powered mirror also folds up neatly, which makes it great for traveling.

Full-size vanity mirrors

These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (7)$263.62

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7. Toolkiss LED Wall Vanity Mirror

Sleek and sophisticated

Size: W40" x H24"

There are a ton of features to look for when selecting a full-sized vanity mirror for the bathroom. Energy-saving LED lights? Check. Dimmable with multiple color modes? Check. Shatterproof and non-corrosive glass? Check. But the unexpected feature that makes this Toolkiss mirror stand out: an anti-fog switch. Yup, that means you can seamlessly transition from shower to glam without the annoying wait.


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8. Latitude Run Round Vanity Mirror

With high-tech functions

Size: W30" x H30"

This mirror has all the latest technology you didn't know you needed: touchless motion sensors for turning the lights on and off and color adjustment. An innovative built-in defogger that automatically shuts off in an hour, too. Waterproof LED strips that are rustproof. And to complete the package, its shatterproof glass resists scratches, moisture, and corrosion. It's well worth the investment.

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These 9 vanity mirrors are ideal for perfectionists ⁠— some are renter-friendly (9)$85.99

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9. Beahome Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Retro feel, modern features

Size: W23.7" x H4.7"

If it's been a dream to do your makeup in front of a traditional Hollywood vanity with light bulbs and all, then we've found the mirror for you. While it's got the whole retro look going for it, it's most definitely a mirror of the present. The dimmable bulbs are LED, with three color modes, all controlled by smart touch buttons. A memory function saves the exact settings of your last session. And there's a convenient charging port on the side so your phone is ready for snapping those all-important selfies.

What's the difference between a vanity mirror and makeup mirror?

You'll generally find that the terms vanity mirror and makeup mirror are used interchangeably. Makeup mirrors are concave mirrors that magnify what you see, making them ideal for putting on beauty products, especially ones that require a lot of detail. Vanity mirrors are essentially a type of makeup mirror that are designed to fit on top or attach to a vanity table.

How to choose a full-sized vanity mirror for the bathroom?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a full-sized vanity mirror, especially if it's going up in the bathroom over a sink and faucet, says Amy Forshew of Proximity Interior Design (opens in new tab)." Think about the size of your space and whether there'll be sconces installed.

"Sometimes the best option is a very simple mirror that lets the lighting or wallpaper steal the show," she says. "But I generally prefer unique mirrors." And even if you're on a budget, a little creative update may breathe new life into your existing vanity mirror. "Sometimes an old mirror that needs a coat of paint is the best option" she adds.

Where to buy a vanity mirror?

If you're still searching for the perfect vanity mirror for your space, then don't give up on your hunt just yet. Below are the places to continue your search.

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