Luxi Mattress Review - Our Expert Evaluation | (2022)

Note: This review is for the original Luxi mattress (sometimes known as the Luxi 3-in-1 mattress), which has separate layers for the right and left sides that can be re-configured by owners to adjust the cushioning. Also see our Luxi One mattress review, which uses similar foam and memory foam materials, but does not have the at-home configuration option.

Nobody does more in-depth mattress reviews than GoodBed — which means there'sa lotof information here! Use the links in this table of contents to quickly jump to the sections of this review that interest you most.

The Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress has some unique features, not the least of which is its ability to be customized at home. Under its zip-off cover are two components (one is three layers of foam wrapped and glued together, and the second is a piece of support foam) that can be flipped over, or re-ordered to change the comfort level, which the company describes as Firm, Medium, and Soft. In our testing, we did not find that there was a vast difference between the three in terms of softness, but we did notice more difference in cushioning depth. Furthermore, we felt that each configuration would suit different types of sleepers better than others. For example, for back sleeping, we preferred the "Medium" configuration, while for stomach sleepers, we felt the "Firm" version was most supportive. We'll get more into those aspects below, but overall, we felt the Luxi bed would be a very interesting choice for partners that tend to sleep differently, or prefer different cushioning levels, or even for people that aren't quite sure what they prefer. (Note: all of the Luxi mattresses can be reconfigured. On the the Queen and King sizes, each side can be independently configured.)

Aside from the ability to re-arrange the layers, the materials used in the main comfort component of the Luxi mattress are interesting. There's a layer of Luxitex, the company's synthetic latex, but the most unique foam is what Luxi calls "SBT" for "support balancing technology." We took to call it "mushroom foam" because of the way the foam is carved into little "towers."

This image from Luxi shows you what the SBT foam looks like, and how it behaves. You can see more in our video above, at about minute marker 17:53, and we'll talk more below about how the mushrooms collapse and compress, and what that means for support and softness.

We'll talk more about the SBT foam, and how it affects cushioning and support later in this review. You can also find more pictures on the Luxi Sleep website.

In general, given the ability to re-configure support in the Luxi mattress, we felt that there was an optimal arrangement for most people. The exception in our view was for those significantly heavier than our tester, over about 250 pounds. (In fact, the company acknowledges that the Luxi bed, as it ships, may not be firm enough for those individuals. The company encourages heavier persons to contact the company before ordering and they will add additional firmness to the mattress before shipping.)

You may wonder, as we did, whether you will feel the "divide" between the two halves of the queen and king size Luxi mattresses. Due to a heavily cushioned cover with memory foam, we did not feel the edges of foam in the middle of the bed at all.

Among our concerns about the Luxi mattress, aside from its out-of-the-box suitability for heavier persons, we questioned whether it would be a good choice for those with a known issue of sleeping 'hot,' because of the deeper than average cushioning depth and all-foam construction. While the 100-night trial period is fairly standard, it's not a no-questions-asked returns policy. Rather, the company says it will work with you to adjust the mattress to your liking, over a period of time, and only if those efforts fail can a return be initiated.

If you don't think you'll need the dual-comfort adaptability of the Luxi mattress, the company does offer the Luxi One mattress, made using similar materials, but available in one medium-soft configuration that cannot be changed.

You can place the Luxi mattress atop the support of your choice, including a separately purchased box support, a bed frame, platform bed, or adjustable bed frame. Luxi at this time does not sell its own frames or foundations.

Read on for our detailed report, and be sure to check out the video to see this mattress in action as we put it through our tests.

These are the "preference-based characteristics" of a mattress. No classification here is better or worse –they are strictly a matter of yourpersonal preference.

No mattress will provide equally good spinal alignment (a.k.a., back support) for every sleeper. Here's what to expect in terms of spinal alignment on this mattress – by sleeper weight and sleep position.

The pressure relief offered by a mattress – especially important for side sleepers – will vary based on a sleeper's weight and body shape. Here's how we size up the pressure relief capabilities of this mattress.

These are the "priority-based characteristics" of a mattress. Ratings here indicate where this mattress has strengths or weaknesses – however the importance of these features will depend entirely on your personal priorities.

(Video) Luxi mattress video review

Overall, we classify this bed as a "Comfort Foam over Foam" construction type.The Luxi 3-in-1 adjustable mattressis a 11″ thick mattress comprised of 5 layers, some of which can be re-arranged. For clarity, the "main comfort unit" and the "support layer" below are the two components that can be flipped and rearranged.

The layers of the main comfort unit, which includes Luxi's proprietary Luxitex synthetic latex foam, as well as its SBT foam, are glued and stacked together, and enclosed in a thin fabric. The support foam sits underneath the main comfort layers, but can be rearranged and placed on top to make the bed feel more firm. The top layer of the mattress, about an inch of memory foam, is actually quilted right into the top cover, so the cover itself has almost two inches of loft to it.


The cover of the Luxi mattress can be zipped off (you can see the zipper in the photo above), so that you can access and rearrange the foam layers. The top of the cover is soft and deeply cushioned.

Luxi Mattress Review - Our Expert Evaluation | (1)

Comfort & Feel

There are three aspects that make up our assessment of comfort and feel. We call these "preference-based characteristics" because no rating here is better or worse – rather, the attributes that are most desirable to you will be determined solely by your personal preferences. We apply the same classification standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples.

Softness (what’s this)

The Luxi mattress has three possible softness configurations, which the company calls Firm, Medium, and Soft. You achieve these variations by rearranging the layers of the mattress after zipping off the cover.

In our view, the differences in softness between the three configurations were not that large. We judged the Firm version to be a "medium" on our softness scale, while we found both the Medium and the Soft configurations to be both be medium-soft on our scale. We found there to be a greater difference in terms of cushioning depth.

Not sure what softness is best for you? Take our Mattress Match Quiz and find out.

Softness Level (Firm configuration)
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
Softness Level (Medium configuration)
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
Softness Level (Soft configuration)
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)

Cushioning Depth (what’s this)

We found there to be more clear differences in cushioning depth when it comes to the Luxi mattress's three possible configurations. Cushioning depth refers to how deeply you sink into the mattress. Shallow cushioning would give you more of a floating-on-top of the mattress feeling, while deeper cushioning would give you more of a hugged or cradled sensation.

We found the Firm configuration of the Luxi mattress to be average on our cushioning scale, a blend of sinking in and floating on top of your mattress. The other two configurations we found progressively deeper with respect to cushioning depth.

Cushioning Depth (Firm configuration)
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
Cushioning Depth (Medium configuration)
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
6Slightly deeper than average
Cushioning Depth (Soft configuration)
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
7Deeper than average

Luxi Mattress Review - Our Expert Evaluation | (2)

Responsiveness (what’s this)

Although the Luxi mattress does have about an inch of memory foam quilted into the top cover, the mattress overall did not have much of that slow-responding/melting quality that characterizes memory foam. When we compressed the memory foam, it sprung back quickly.

There was also little to no bounce in this mattress when our tester dropped his weight on to the bed.

(Video) Luxi Mattress Review

Response Rate
(1=Slowest, 9=Fastest)
7Quick recovery, very little bounce

Back Support & Pressure Relief

The two things that you should always be sure to get from your mattress are spinal alignment (commonly thought of as "back support") and pressure relief. Unfortunately, no mattress will deliver these two things equally well for all sleepers. In particular, spinal alignment and pressure relief capabilities will vary across sleepers with different weights, body shapes, and sleep positions. To help you determine how this mattress will perform for you, we break down our spinal alignment and pressure relief assessments by sleeper type.

The Luxi mattress can be configured in three ways, and for each, we felt a certain type of sleeper would be better suited. Even though there is not a huge difference between them, in our view, our tester had definite preferences, which we outline below. Because the queen and king sizes of the Luxi mattress can be configured separately, it would allow a side sleeper to choose, say, the soft configuration while the back-sleeping partner could choose the Medium configuration of the Luxi bed.

We did have concerns about heavier individuals in general (over about 250 lbs.). The Luxi Bedding company states on its site that those weighing 250 lbs. or more should contact them prior to purchase and more firmness can be added to the mattress. (We did not test this.)

Spinal Alignment

The key to good back support is maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. This means that the mattress should hold your spine in roughly the same position it's in when you're standing. The ability of a given mattress to do this will generally depend on your weight, sleep position, and body shape.

Here is how we break down the spinal alignment of the Luxi mattress:


Back Sleepers:

Choose Medium

Side Sleepers:

Choose Soft

Stomach Sleepers:

Choose Firm

Average150 to 200lb999
Above Average200 to 250lb998

Back Sleepers:

Our 200-pound tester preferred the Medium configuration of the Luxi mattress in this position. We felt that lumbar support was very good, and spinal alignment was very good. The Medium arrangement of the Luxi bed allowed his hips to sink in just enough, whereas his hips sunk a bit too much on the Soft version, and not quite enough on the Firm configuration.

Side Sleepers:

For side sleeping, our tester preferred the Soft configuration of the Luxi mattress, with its deeper cushioning that allowed his shoulders to sink into the mattress and create the best spinal alignment. With the Firm version, shoulders would not be able to get into the mattress as much. Pressure relief was also best with the Soft configuation of the bed (see below).

Stomach Sleepers:

Achieving good spinal alignment for stomach sleepers can often be trickier as the hips can tend to sink down too far with some mattresses. For stomach sleeping, the Firm configuration worked best for us, and we also felt that occasional stomach sleepers would be fine with the Medium configuration of the Luxi mattress. However, we questioned whether heavier (250 lbs.+) individuals would have trouble on all versions with hips sinking too deeply. In fact, the company says on its website that heavier persons should contact the company before buying, and additional support can be added prior to shipping.

Pressure Relief (what's this)

When a mattress pushes back against your body with too much force in a concentrated area, the result can be pain, soreness, loss of circulation, excessive tossing, and other problems. In general, such "pressure points" are of greatest concern for side sleepers, since that's the position in which your body's weight is distributed over the smallest surface area. To find the right mattress for your needs, keep in mind that the pressure-relieving capabilities of any given mattress will vary depending on the sleeper. Factors like your weight and body shape (e.g., broader shoulders and/or hips) will determine how far you sink into the mattress, and the pressure relief offered by that mattress will vary widely at different depths.

Here's how we sized up the pressure relief of the Luxi mattress:

(Video) Luxi Mattress Review and Complaints

Typical Curves:

Soft Version

Extra Curvy:

Soft version

Average150 to 200lb99
Above Average200 to 250lb99

We found pressure relief for the Luxi mattress to be best for the Soft configuration of the mattress. In the soft version, the foam "mushrooms" will be right on top. These soft columns collapse when compressed; rather than pushing directly down, they sort of squish to the side in a non-lineal way. The effect in terms of pressure relief is to feel almost suspended.

With the Medium and Firm configurations, the mushroom 'towers' will not be the top layer, closest to your body.

Luxi Mattress Review - Our Expert Evaluation | (3)

Other Features

Beyond the preference-based characteristics of comfort and feel, and the body matching for spinal alignment and pressure relief, a mattress will have a number of other attributes that can make it a better or worse choice for you. We call these "priority-based characteristics" because they are areas in which a mattress can be better or worse, but that will have differing amounts of importance to each sleeper. So, determining how much importance to give to these features will be entirely a matter of your own personal priorities. As always, we apply the same ratings standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples.

Motion Isolation (what’s this)

With a bowling pin standing upright on the Luxi bed, we tested motion isolation by dropping a 16-lb. bowling ball on it, as well as the whole weight of our 200-lb. tester.

With the bowling ball, the pin wiggled a bit, but did not fall. With our tester's weight, the pin barely moved. Keep in mind that for the queen and king sizes of the Luxi bed, the two halves of the mattress have separate foams, so a person on one side is unlikely to be affected by movements on the other side of the mattress.

Note that cover, since it covers the entire mattress, does transfer a tiny bit of movement, but we don't feel this would be an issue in normal use. Overall, motion isolation was excellent, and we felt the Luxi bed would be almost ideal for those who are sensitive to a partner's movements.

Motion Isolation Rating10 /10Exceptional

Temperature (what’s this)

All-foam mattresses in general are not the best choice for those with concerns about sleeping hot or overheating in bed. And the Luxi mattress, at least in its Soft and Medium configurations, has deeper cushioning than average, meaning less of your body is exposed to the air. The SBT foam (the mushrooms) would allow for some airflow. But the Luxi mattress does not have gel, copper or other conductive additions to help draw heat from the body.

For most people that haven't had a past issue of sleeping hot, we don't think the Luxi bed will be problematic, but if this is a known issue for you, a hybrid bed or bed with more specific cooling features may be a better choice.

(Video) Beautyrest Black Calista Extra Firm Mattress Review by

Stays “Cool” Rating5 /10Average

Edge Support (what’s this)

Foam mattresses aren’t typically very supportive along the very edge of the mattress—important if you like to sit on the edge of the bed, or if you tend to sleep along the edge. But the Luxi mattress performed better than some other foam mattresses we have tested in this respect, even without specific edge-support features. Our tester did not feel like he was melting or rolling off the bed while either sitting or laying on the edge, although he did sink fairly deeply into the mattress.

For sitting on the edge, our tester felt most stable on the Firm configuration of the Luxi bed, while for laying, he felt most stable on the Soft configuration.

Edge Support Rating7/10Good for a foam bed

Luxi Mattress Review - Our Expert Evaluation | (4)

Ease of Repositioning (what’s this)

Despite deeper than average cushioning for the Luxi mattress, our tester did not find movement/changing sleeping positions difficult.

Repositioning Rating8 /10Very good

Green Features (what’s this)

For mattress shoppers concerned with the use of natural materials, sustainable manufacturing practices or the like, we offer our subjective evaluation of any efforts taken by the company to make the mattress more green, healthy, or safe.

The Luxi bed is made mainly of petroleum-based foams, though some of the oils used to make the foams are replaced with plant-based oils. All of the foams used are certified to the CertiPUR-US standard, which verifies that a material has low VOC off-gassing as well as a lack of chemicals and other substances regulated by the CPSC. This is a standard certification for foams we see in most mainstream mattresses.

We like that the Luxi website has a page on its sustainability initiatives.

Green Rating4 /10Okay

Adjustable Base Compatibility (what’s this)

If you plan to use your mattress atop an adjustable base, the Luxi mattress is a very good choice. We tested the Luxi bed with a standard adjustable base and found that right away, the mattress conformed nicely. Some of the top quilting bunches up a bit, but we did not find this bothersome.

Adjustable Base Use Rating9 /10 Very compatible

Luxi Mattress Review - Our Expert Evaluation | (5)

Price, Value & Longevity

How Much Does a Luxi Mattress Cost?

Prices shown are list prices. Remember that GoodBed keeps our site current with the best available discounts on all online mattresses, many of which are exclusive discounts for our readers.

What Are You Getting?

The Luxi bed is an 11-inch mattress with the unusual ability to be configured by the owner at home to adjust comfort preferences to one of three configurations, Firm, Medium, and Soft. In addition, for queen and king sizes, both sides of the bed can be adjusted separately for each partner. That makes the Luxi mattress a unique option for partners that have differing needs and sleep preferences. You are also getting some high quality foams, including a high-density synthetic latex layer, along with the unusual SBT foam, with cut-out towers that move and collapse independently.

How Long Will the Luxi Mattress Last?

When it comes to estimating the comfort lifespan of a mattress, we tend to use foam density as our best, albeit imperfect, predictor of how long a foam will retain its shape and resiliency. In the case of the Luxi mattress, most of the foams used are of higher than average densities. The memory foam in the cover, and the synthetic latex are both of 4 lb. density. The only question mark in our view is the SBT foam which is of 2.5 lb. density, and since it is proprietary, it does not have a track record.

Overall Value

On balance, we feel that Luxi mattress is a unique product that’s especially appealing for partners that have differing needs; there are few options among online mattresses that offer this kind of dual-comfort option. So if this aspect is one of your primary considerations, then we do think the Luxi mattress is a good value, although it's price higher than many competing all-foam mattresses that don't have a dual-comfort solution.

Keep in mind that if you don't need the flexibility of being able to configure your mattress at home, Luxi also has another bed, the Luxi One, that uses many of the same materials, including the SBT foam and the Luxitex synthetic latex, but comes in just one configuration. Cost compared to the Luxi mattress is about $500 less for the queen size.

Value Rating8 /10Good value

Other Factors to Consider


  • Free delivery to your door

Luxi includes free delivery, which is not particularly unusual among its competitors. Delivery will be to your door, so you are responsible for getting the box into your home and unpacking the mattress.

(Video) Luxi 3 in 1 Mattress Unboxing


  • 100-day trial period
  • Full refund with proof of donation
  • 1000-night comfort pledge

Luxi offers buyers a 100-day trial period, and requires that buyers keep the mattress for a minimum of 30 days. Before returning the mattress, Luxi will work with you to configure the mattress to your liking. If you still are not satisfied, the company requires proof of donation to initiate a refund (they will help you find a place to donate the mattress). In addition, customer service is offered in case your needs change or you have concerns; a consultant will work with you to adjust your mattress up to 1,000 nights into ownership. See: Luxi return policy.


  • Warranty Length: 10 years
  • Indentation Coverage: 1.5” and above

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest complaints about any mattress from consumers regards body impressions— the inability of a mattress to spring back, eventually creating a low spot/sinkhole in the mattress. As such, mattress warranties all contain a term defining how big a sag or ‘body impression’ (measured when no one is on the mattress) is considered a defect, and thus covered under the warranty. The industry standard for mattresses is generally between ¾” and 1.5”. Luxi has chosen to cover indentations that meet or exceed 1.5" which is certainly on the high end of average. Practically speaking, that means any softening or sagging would need to be at least that deep before the warranty would offer you protection. See: Luxi warranty policy.


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