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Reviews (34)

By Aa3739

Used to always stay connected now it’s intermittent

After an update about a year ago now when opening DysonLink to control my air purifier it’s random now as to if DysonLink can even find and connect to the purifier. This is absolutely unacceptable as the machines are 500+ not to mention that I’ve spent $80each on now 3 replacement filters totaling $240 just for those! And now I almost never can control the thing via voice commands or even DysonLink . But the magic fix is if you unplug the purifier and plug back in it’ll connect right back to DysonLink control this is utterly useless if I can unplug it then I can just use the little IR remote! Fix your software, or you should have to pay me a fine for inability to use already purchased features! Or refund my money for your defunct over priced machine! Dyson is so rich they absolutely could lower their prices they don’t have to profit the level they do that’s an active choice. One only needs keep their prices high just when founding a company after you gain notoriety and income you can lower your profit expectations. Get over yourself! I have other air purifiers in other rooms that are the price of just the dyson purifier and their app control has never once been unavailable, the others even have UV air sterilization which dyson doesn’t offer?!? Fix your junk dyson spend some of that money on good programmers!

By Quadband


Another edit: Dyson continues to ignore customer and astroturf their reviews. They ignore customer service emails after giving garbage copy paste responses. Possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with.I haven’t updated DysonLink on my phone since they removed the ability to view run times and weekly data. Today I get a pop up in app saying they no longer support my version, and I’m forced to update. It was working fine yesterday. Dyson is a trash company filled with trash people who don’t care. I bought my air purifier FOR THOSE FEATURES. Dyson should be sued. Original: Out of the 101 reviews so far in 2021 DysonLink has 48 1 star ratings vs. 18 5 star ratings. If they weren’t riding on their past reviews, just for this year it’s at a 2.3 star average. They continue to remove features and ignore customers. I love my V11 Outsize, and I really liked my HP04 until they needlessly gimped their app. We would have two more purifiers for our house had they not made their changes. I’ve been holding out in hopes that the historical features would be added back in, but it’s about time to move on. I don’t see myself purchasing any Dyson product in the future; not from a company that charges a premium to then simply dismiss their customers. The state of their app in relation to the published rating is disingenuous, at best. 2.3 stars seems about right, though.

By InClinic

Newest update

Updated review: DysonLink has been updated and the ability to swipe to the different machines has returned! Great job, I don’t think i could live without DysonLink now. Thank you for the follow up DysonDysonLink has changed and where I was able to swipe left and right to see the multiple machines I own has been removed. Now the menu on the left is to select a specific machine and then see only those details, seems much more counterintuitive than the last version. Dyson products are so smooth to operate and normally sleekly designed. This actually reversed that and makes DysonLink more of a pain than a pleasure.Please please please allow us to easily slide between machines as it was before, it made sense. I would go five stars on DysonLink, literally love all of it aside from this klunky feature update

By Montecito_3

Temp control unavailable on app (UL 1278 compliance)

Bought HP02 in Sept 2020 to combats the smokey LA wildfire air. We planned to put the unit in our 16 month old’s room and was excited to be able to control and monitor her room temp remotely. We loved the idea of being able to heat up her room in the winter without the need to heat up the whole house, and being able to do so via DysonLink remotely and adjust the temp as needed.Upon Installing DysonLink , we found that the temp control option is not available and only accessible via the remote due to compliance with UL 1278 (we reside in the US). My friends that have had the HP02 from 2019 all still have the temp control function available on their app. I am not sure if this is an updated feature restriction to new machines made in 2020 only.Very disappointed as we paid premium for the connectivity of the machine only to find one of the key function inaccessible. It’s too expensive of a machine to not have the temp adjustment function assessable on DysonLink . Having to be in her room to adjust the temp via the remote will be a huge hassle and defeats the purpose of having DysonLink . Looking to return the machine to find better air filter and heater options.

By Alyx430


DysonLink is generally a bit buggy and cumbersome and normally around a 3, but the current version is broken. When you edit schedules in it, the settings are never saved. Meaning if I try to disable a temperature schedule and enable a different one, if I try to edit the existing schedule, none of that information gets saved. So I’m stuck roasting on a winter temperature schedule. I tried to report this in DysonLink but there doesn’t seem to be anybody supporting the chat feature at this time and there didn’t seem to be an asynchronous channel for easily reporting bugs.Additionally, sometimes when you turn it on and override the hot and cold device’s existing settings, it doesn’t do anything (e.g., sometimes I have to hit oscillate several times to get it to oscillate). This product also desperately needs the ability to switch from hot to cool automatically if the temperature exceeds a certain value. And the ambient measurements displayed in DysonLink often seem quite random or out of date.As a software engineer, I do not find DysonLink to be well designed or maintained. Here’s hoping at least somebody at Dyson reads their app reviews.

By E Bee Baby

Dyson Link App is amazing, if it connects!

So the Dyson tech that helped me via Dyson app chat was of no help. Friendly, but had no helpful tips as to help me navigate DysonLink connecting to my machine. I wasted so many hours and this sounds silly, but I think it may be most Link App users issue:For one, make sure you turn 5GHz wifi off.Make sure it connects to the 2.4GHz.2nd, the Link App has a huge flaw in not blocking you from moving forward if you are accidentally entering the wrong internet provider/wifi password. It kept telling me it paired every time for appx 40 tries so I assumed I had been using the right password. It would say it was finishing connecting like it was successful and would apologize for connecting slowly.FINALLY I got curious about entering CenturyLink’s “passphrase” and a miracle happened! It connected to DysonLink in 1 second! I very much hope this helps others as the HP02 machine is a wonderful machine for our baby’s room to monitor the temp and regulate air particles in our old house.

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By dvobgo92


UPDATE 2: It would be amazing if there was a way to set a maximum fan speed for the Auto mode. 0-4 is fine for Sleep mode but it would be awesome to be able to set Auto to have speeds of 0-7 for example.UPDATE: Thank you for bringing back the swipe!!!!It’s a great app and it works great with all four of my Dyson Pure Cool machines, two TP04s, a DP02 and a TP02.BUT, as many others here, I’m extremely perplexed as to why the Dyson app designers would make an update to their app where they make a very simple task more difficult and cumbersome than it was before. I see no reason as to why this feature was removed. You could have added the menu feature for those who want to click on specific devices but also kept the swiping feature for the rest of us because that was much much much better for me and many others.Like thousands of others, I am strongly petitioning to bring this feature back. This will become a five star review if ever that feature is reinstated.Upsetting is the fact that it disproportionately affects the more loyal customers; those who have multiple devices, since those with only one device would not even have noticed the change.

By spnova

Helpful but deceptive

In all honestly I love our Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier. It creates wonderful airflow and allows my family confidence in the quality of the air quality in our home. That being said DysonLink states that the air filter is GUARANTEED for 12 months, contrary to the approximate 6 months of use it has provided. Upon speaking to a customer service representative I was informed that only applies to 12 hours of use a day or 4382 hours of total use, about 6 months of 24 hour use. It is egregious that this is not stated, explicitly or otherwise. There is just the blanket statement that it is guaranteed for 12 months, no asterisk or anything. Similarly while a user is able to reset this “timer” once a new filter has been installed there is no mark or date of when this was done making this whole process quite deceptive.The quality of DysonLink is honestly excellent but functionality is just as important as how things are labeled or represented on the UI.Buyer beware.

By not lying 69

This thing is from the future

When i first bought the dyson cool link, i was wondering why it cost so much. i later realized that it filters out the air which is rlly good and my room has been fresh and clean ever since. I later discovered it can with a app. which is DysonLink. you can schedule when your link turns on and how strong the air will flow. and this thing so has voice command. so all i have to do is set up what i’m going to say. then tell siri a voice command and it will connect to my fan and do what i asked. i can say full send to siri, then all of a sudden the link turns on and at power 10 which is the best, the thing rotates and does everything i asked for. So worth the purchase

By Tatsu24

Great Product, Horrible App

After paying nearly a grand for an air purifier, I’d expect to be able to use one of its promoted features, wireless control, without issue.DysonLink is almost impossible to connect in the first place and if by some miracle you get it to connect, it will randomly disconnect. Customer service is not equipped to address this issue. DysonLink currently thinks someone else is controlling my machine despite this most certainly not been the case. Reading through reviews makes it glaringly obvious that this is a persistent and well-known issue that Dyson is choosing to ignore.Edit re: developer response - Gosh, wish I would have thought about this during the 37 minutes I spent on the phone with customer service where we did that in addition to multiple other troubleshooting steps. Also, it’s HILARIOUS that I got an ill-informed response to my review before Dyson responded to my escalated case (no response since it was escalated last week).

By Wild chicken baby

Some areas for improvement

First I’d like to say that I enjoy using DysonLink and dyson products in general. I have three suggestions that could greatly improve the product and app experience:1- app interface for homes with multiple dyson air treatment devices: it would be much more convenient to display all devices on the home page of DysonLink . Instead of displaying one device under the roof of the current design, display all devices there. Right now, I have to keep going to the menu each time I want to check air quality and controls of different device location.2- alerts and notification. It would be nice if we are allowed to set app alerts if air quality goes above a certain threshold. It would help us notice and adjust controls and fan speed in a more timely way when the device is not within the eye sight.3- this brings me to the last suggestion which has to do with the Auto mode. The auto mode needs a minimum fan speed attached to it. In hot days when I want the fan to work even if the air quality is good, auto mode is useless because the fan will go zero. I’d use auto mode much more if I can set a speed floor for the fan under the mode.Thank you!

By Donfred555

Updated Review

My previous review complained about the removal of the swipe between room functionality. I have to hand it to the developers because they listened! I thank the developers for this!I still think the old swipe interaction was better for 2 reasons. First, you now have to swipe from the edge whereas you used to be able to drag the room to the side from anywhere on the screen. Second, the previous swipe interaction actually moved the house under your finger, which is typically how swipe interactions work on mobile.Overall, DysonLink is a good app. There’s still room for improvement (I’d really love to see a view of all my rooms – fan states, air quality, etc – all on one screen). But if you’re a Dyson fan owner, DysonLink gets the job done and it’s a must-have.

By drnrgizr2

Dyson Link App for Dyson Air Purifier

DysonLink states that my iPhone is paired successfully and the Dyson is connected, however, when I click on DysonLink it tells me I’m offline and to take these steps to get back online like maybe my Dyson is too far away to get a WiFi connection. Well it wasn’t too far away to tell me it connected successfully. After repeated trying to get a connection I was told my generation Dyson purifier works only with 2.4Gz and my router works on 5.0 Gz. So I got a new router that according to AT&T will work with both frequencies automatically. End result- DysonLink still does not work. Well I bought this Dyson before I knew about the “App” and this would be a nice bonus, but since I’m unable to get an internet connection to the Dyson, I will be using it without this feature. Just an FY I for those planing to buy this Dyson Air Purifier with DysonLink-it will only work with 2.4 Gz., And maybe not even with that since it didn’t work with my router that uses both frequencies.

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By Chris941

Simply amazing.

DysonLink is functionally amazing. I have three of the Pure Hot+Cool Links around my house and they all took minutes to connect to WiFi and get linked up. DysonLink handles them all perfectly and never seems to have connection issues. Even when other smart product apps have difficulty. While my last year purchased purifier has the heat option in DysonLink still, the newer ones don’t (even though they’re the same) due to some new US regulations. That’s not something Dyson has In their power to change/control, but is worth a mention since some people don’t understand that’s not the apps/Dyson’s fault.

By TamasG12345

Disappointed by an app that is not working

Just bought a Dyson TP02 and was excited that I could use an app to monitor the history of air quality and control the fan from my phone. But what a disappointment with DysonLink. It is not working and constantly trying to connect and most times fails. And the few times it works it is not showing any history data at all and to connect you have to force close DysonLink several times and once in a time Hou might get lucky and DysonLink at least connects and allows you to see the status of your fan.Overall a very disappointing experience and no suggestion is helping to fix it. I can only hope Dyson will fix DysonLink soon and for such an expensive fan that is the minimum you can expect that quality control releases an app that works.Overall a very disappointing experience that I am not used to have with my other Dyson products.

By Cloudryder9

Switched phone to 4G in order to connect

I was having trouble connecting my phone to the Dyson using wi-fi. I would get to the last step and it would say connection failed after 20 minutes of trying to sync. After one month - the fan and air purifier is great- I decided to try again. Again- failure to connect. Then I read you can’t use a 5.0 ghz network. Weird. So I turned the wifi off on my phone and switched to 4G. Bam- 5 seconds later it was connected. Seriously though- 2.4ghz is a strange criteria to have in order to sync an app. The interface seems quite intuitive so far. We will be adding a second Dyson soon so this will make it a lot easier then keeping track of the tiny remotes with two toddlers in the house.

By fourdoorvolvo

Good info, but no customization.

The information given is nice to have, especially if you’re sensitive to stuff in the air. Meat to see when air in the home becomes ‘polluted’ so to speak. My only issue is the data can only be seen on a very vague daily table and bar graph that only goes back a week. I’d like to be able to see one year back. See how my air changes through the seasons, not just the last week.Also, it’s be nice if there was some customization like being able to set the level of stuff in the air before the fan comes on. It’s preset by the factory and not adjustable. You can turn it on and off yourself, or use their standard, that’s it. No adjustment in that regard, which is a bummer.Fan works well, no complaint although I’ve only had it a month.

By Mtchickadee

Love my Dyson

I have been enjoying my Dyson. I like DysonLink and being able to look at the history of the air quality. As others have said, my wishes would be a landscape mode and an explanation of what the different air quality symbols mean. I have the page from the Dyson website bookmarked for reference but it would be great if that was in DysonLink . The question mark explains the graph but not what NO2 means. I too have tried the chat feature in DysonLink with no luck. I finally sent an email to Dyson with my question and got a quick reply. My BIGGEST WISH would be to get a notification when the air quality or one of the other factors spiked. That way I could try to pinpoint what caused it.

By SkeeterEMT

Stop complaining....

People in the US need to stop complaining about not being able to control the heater. Dyson is being over-regulated by US laws, politicians and the US government and because of this over-regulation, Dyson is not permitted to allow US app users access to the heating feature on DysonLink . If you’re unhappy, write or call your local politicians. The United States likely has these regulations in place because of lawsuits and negligence by consumers. People have put their space heaters too close to blinds and furniture, which caused fires, they sued the manufacturers so laws were put into place.

By cllective108

No Landscape Orientation

I love DysonLink and the functionality of using it wherever I am, but unfortunately you can only use DysonLink with your device if its portrait orientation. If my iPad is on its keyboard and I want to use DysonLink , I am faced with having to take my device off the keyboard to use since it won’t rotate, or simply use DysonLink in the fixed portrait orientation while my iPad is in landscape orientation. The simple addition of using DysonLink in landscape mode will make a world of a difference in terms of convenience. Plus many hotel or smart home iPad control units usually have all the controls in landscape mode vs portrait which makes the experience of being able to use the Dyson app in the similar functionality feel more premium.

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By name_nick_

App is amazingly frustrating

I was really excited to be able to link my air purifier to my phone and see how the air quality in the room was since my son has allergies and asthma. DysonLink is unable to link. About halfway... it just stops. In another review you see someone mention this as well and it makes sense. The unit is dropping connection with the phone and trying to connect to the home network... but isn’t working. Apparently this isn’t a new issue and seems to have been on going for a couple weeks now. I may give it a couple days and see but as the frustration builds, my excitement about this fan and cost is diminishing. Probably going to return it in a few days if this isn’t resolved.On another note. I purchased mine at Costco and noticed that there were a bunch of units there that seemed to have been returned units because the tape had been removed or visibly torn. In fact... it took me awhile to find a box where it looked like it was never opened. It now makes sense as to why so many of these were brought back.

By I love e-toll

Bluetooth issues

Serious bluetooth issues during the setup process using new IOS. I was able to set up the machine with old IOS. I had to redo the setup process and it has been a nightmare. After countless hours I figured out why. The fan drops the bluetooth connection during the setup process for some reason. And yes, I have tried everything the customer service told me to do. Out of interest, how many people experiencing this issue have narrowed it down to the bluetooth connection dropping during the setup process? Also, it is not because of other interference as I have tested this too. Bottom line: after the new IOS updates the bluetooth connection used during the setup stage is unstable and I can not use DysonLink of my $700 fan. Here comes developer response: please e-mail us at.... so that we can waste more of your time.

By Amy.no

Cannot link app with machine

I decided get the HP02 Dyson Air purifier over the HP01 because of the ability to use the Dyson App. However, after spending hours with frustration trying to connect the machine to my home wifi, I found out that the machine doesn’t work with 5.0ghz network. So what’s the point of making an app while your customers cannot even use it? Can you just pleasssse make DysonLink /machine compatible with the 5.0ghz WITHOUT telling us to spend another hundreds of dollar on the second generation of this fan. Now with the HP02, wifi is such a useless feature for me and like others mention hope I won’t lose the remote control any time soon. This is such a waste of money when you’re not even get what you paid for. So disappointed with my first and probably last Dyson product!

By Notwitty

Failed connection problems

We have a Dyson air purifier that was working fine with DysonLink for months. Every once in awhile we would have connection failed issues and would have to restart the device. Within the last couple weeks our connection to DysonLink dropped for good. We tried rebooting and ensuring the WiFi was enabled on the purifier many times. After several days of fighting with it we finally removed the purifier from our app and reset the device. Now from the initial setup in DysonLink we aren't even able to add the purifier at all. It’s a real bummer we loved this product up until now and were considering buying several more this holiday season.

By turbofish

WiFi problems are password related

For all those in previous reviews having trouble connecting a Dyson device to WiFi, part of the issue is the likely very secure password you are using. This includes those folks who’s app disconnects from the Dyson device halfway through setup.It turns out that the Dyson devices will only accept a few non-alphanumeric characters in the password. For example, a period “.” Is okay, but a dollar sign ($) is not. It turns out that Dyson employs genius mechanical and electrical engineers, but their software developers know absolutely jack about network security.For me, since I am unwilling to change the very secure password on my 30 IoT and other devices just to accommodate a really cool fan and air filter, it will be going back to the store. One Dyson support tech suggested that their highest end device “might” work since it is newer. My reply is that if that’s so, then Dyson should update the firmware on all of their devices to support accepted network security standards. Their lack of concern over this is unacceptable, hence the one star rating.It’s a shame, otherwise the Dyson Hot+Cool Link is a really great fan.

By Teradyl

Tells me my 2.4GHz router ain’t 2.4GHz

I can’t even start DysonLink Get Started process. My Netgear Nighthawk R700P router is top quality and it is unacceptable that I can’t get it to work.Actually it’s unacceptable that I have to go into my router settings at all to manually split my 2.4 and 5Ghz networks (instead of letting my router do it automatically), but I did that for DysonLink. Connected to the 2.4 network only, DysonLink immediately says my Wi-Fi network doesn’t work. No troubleshooting, no refresh, no retry. Thanks a lot for the help. Now all I have is a normal air freshener that doesn’t tell me my air quality history.Apparently this means no dyson items will ever work for me? Any help would be appreciated.

By MikeyBman

Did not get what I paid for

I was excited to be able to use the mobile app to control my HP04. I spent nearly an hour getting extremely frustrated because DysonLink kept losing connection with the device and telling me the unit was “offline”. I tried everything to get this to work including deleting the unit and adding it, turning the unit off and on again, etc. I then read other reviews only to find out that this is a common problem. Come on Dyson! I’m this day and age and for the price I paid this it should “JUST WORK.” I was thinking about getting several more units for my home and office, however this has caused me to change my mind.

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By Sdancing

Cannot connect horrendous app!!

Device hp04 recognizes DysonLink but does not go further than the bluetooth connecting menu and stays busy and will get frozen. Bluetooth connects but app menu does not change. And it is stuck until you exit and restart and do this over and over going in and out of DysonLink not connecting nor can I ever arrive to the network menu which came up once and did not recognize my wifi. Completely useless app. Laughable that such a big company cannot even get an app to work. Figures why so many return it.... I am considering returning the last one or not.Reinstalled app now it doesn’t even let me log in. Horrendous.

By workingstuffout

Huge sale while app is broken??

Just picked up a fan on sale and found that I can’t access any air quality info without DysonLink .Then I spent an hour past my bed time trying to troubleshoot my router, my phone, my fan, my app, etc. only to dig into reviews and find a buried developer comment that DysonLink can’t detect wifi properly on iOS 13.2.Not a great first experience for a $500 device! Hoping for a quick app update or this is getting returned on principle.

By pimilcowannabe

Only One HP02 on network at a time?

I purchased a second HP 02 as the footprint was smaller than the newer machine and our space is quite limited. The second machine will not connect to the Internet perhaps because of the 2.4 limitation. I am waiting for someone to contact me to try and resolve this problem. If it is not fixable I should have been told of this limitation while visiting the Dyson store in San Francisco. We made several trips there and explained our exact situation several times. I will be returning the second machine if only one can be connected to the Internet. Frustrating...

By Lisa.M.H.

The Dyson unit & app combo is fantastic

I usually don't install apps that give permission to read my location or link into the home WiFi, but in this instance, it is worth it. The remote control feature is very helpful and I find myself checking the air quality even from work. Every feature works flawlessly

By Izzy Mariano

Dyson hp06 cryptomic purifier

I have the hp06 in my room and it made my allergies go away and better to breath . The cool+ feature while it cleans out the particles gives it also my favorite when I am sleeping or when it’s needed. You can put it Auto mode and it monitors the temp in your room. I really recommend this to everyone!!!!

By MikeF59

Can’t see air quality anymore

Without any warning or reason, the air quality is not recorded anymore. The support is no help for what seems to be a common issue based on google search. Tried all I could but decided to stop wasting my time.

By JoshofHB

Fine App, but... [updated]

It works fine as a device remote, but it really should have HomeKit support, or at least support Siri shortcut actions.Update: It no longer works fine as a device remote. It now tries to make you enter and register your email address and create an account. Why? I bought the device. It is mine. Why do I have to create an account xx and give you my personal information to use advertised features? I hate this.And still doesn’t support homekit.

Is Dyson Link Safe?

Yes. Dyson Link is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,240 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dyson Link Is 52.5/100.

Is Dyson Link Legit?

Yes. Dyson Link is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,240 Dyson Link User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dyson Link Is 52.5/100.

Is Dyson Link not working?

Dyson Link works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Nigel Stubbs
Jan 15 2022

We have 3 air purifiers which were working fine until IOS15 and a software up date from dyson. Customer service most un helpful only suggestion from them was delete and reinstall app. When that didn't work rang back to be told my machine was noit registered to me, it was an hour before! This is unacceptable not what yiur expect for £600 machine.

By James Mott
Dec 09 2021



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