Dyson Link App Reviews (2022)

0 toevoegen

Good job at providing data!

Does what it does. Nothing fancy, just consistent

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 days ago warmSand

Love it!

I have a contact allergy to formaldehyde and have found this air purifier indispensable, it is the best purifier I’ve ever found, and the app is so informative and helpful, can’t say enough positive, every home and office, and business should have at least one!

  • Gepubliceerd: 6 days ago Laurie Terrell

Does not reliably connect

ZDoes not reliably connect over Wi-Fi and loads of hardware issues too

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 week ago JeffLBR

The new update is atrocious

The new update to “MyDyson” has completely ruined this app. It now takes so long for my devices to connect and sometimes they won’t connect at all. I have to force close and reopen this app every single time I use it because it doesn’t update the information coming from the Dyson purifier or the outside air info. Terrible bring back the old one please.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 week ago colleen ns

Very quiet. Works great.

Love the app. Makes managing my air purifier easy

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 week ago norhcharlotte

Overall happy

We’ve had ours for a year now. Very nice machine and very accurate, that being said when heating in the winter it’s not too efficient.If it didn’t cost so much to run in the winter I’d give it a 5 star.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 week ago mickfly09

Lack of dark mode

This app is good but lacks dark mode, which makes it very unusable at night.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 week ago nitinthewiz

Won’t connect

Drops connection to the unit after a week and never reconnects. Dyson support is no help. Very disappointing.

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 weeks ago bjc05

Heat/humidity monitoring not working when you don’t turn on the machine

In the previous version, I was able to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity all the time regardless whether I am using the machine or not. Recent update only give me temperature / humidity status only when the machine is running

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 weeks ago zzmm_zzz

App is not easy to use

I own two dyson machines. In order to switch between them I have to go to the hamburger menu way up in the upper left corner, the hardest part to reach for a right handed person, open the menu and then select my second machine. I expect this to be much simpler, such as a simple swipe from side to side which currently does nothing. Please update the app to accommodate the people who have spent thousands to own the machines.Update: users are expected to learn the app, apparently you can swipe but only from the far side of the screen.

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 weeks ago Michael Eakns

Two factor authentication is annoying

My wife and I both use the app. When I want to login, the one who’s phone number was used to set up the account must be around. This 2FA thing has gotten out of hand. Provide more options, preferably a TOTP code and not a phone number.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 weeks ago autdas

Air purifier

Why on the app don’t have heat temperature?I have to use remote to change to heat.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 weeks ago Notice758

Connection issue

I just bought it 5 days ago it didn’t have a problem with the app for 3 days then know it doesn’t connect.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 weeks ago SpeedyReborn

Oh good

Now my vacuum cleaner wants to collect my personal information.

  • Gepubliceerd: 4 weeks ago rongdoer

Does not include older products

I have a slew of Dyson machines, upright vacs DC07, DC33, stick vacsDC59, 2 V6 slims. None are included in this app. I’m better off using my online account which has all our products included.

  • Gepubliceerd: 4 weeks ago amonfalcone

Continuous monitoring not working

Continuous monitoring not working for DP04. Agents are not able to help

  • Gepubliceerd: 4 weeks ago sas44.2008

Once Upon a Time It Was Good

This app has been in a downhill slide for a while. I now have to force close it multiple times before it’ll even have a chance of recognizing my light, if it even does. The light is so good, it’s really unfortunate that this app absolutely nukes it.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago danielghuffman

I paid $1000 for this light?!

The app takes SO LONG to connect to my light cycle. And every time I switch apps, it loses the connection and has to go through the long process of trying to connect again. Sometimes I wait so long I might as well just get up and manually turn the light off. With Philips Hue I can instantly turn my lights on and off. Can’t believe I paid $1000 for a light that I can hardly control.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago Submarine Edward

APP is still useless

In spite of the update - the app remains useless.When adding a machine, it requests to press the pairing button. When pressed, the app returns to login screen. Login and the app requests again to press the button to pair device, and guess what? It returns to the login screen.Again and again. Every. Time.Do not get frustrated - stay away from this app.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago another stupid dyson user

Worst app ever

Doesn’t work well at all and always freezes

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago Jimmysooo


It’s a Dyson’nuff said.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago twistedmtl1514

App not working

I’m stuck in a loop on the app. I am able to connect the machine to the Wi-Fi and when I go to add the machine it is recognized and says it is connected but when I hit continue it just takes me back to the add machine screen and the loop continues.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago Rubensqa

Quite & clean air

Sense the day we turned on our Dyson, LOVE it.!! Took a couple of hours, but taut quality has been in the green. We know our 4 month old Granddaughter is breathing clean air. She would thank you if she spoke. Thanks from Grandma & Papa

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago 1OneBigWoody

Latest update is nice, but very buggy

I am constantly closing and restarting the app because it won’t display stats for my fans. This happens multiple times a day. It’s lovely that we can add info for our other dyson machines, but this new update introduced so many bugs. Please review and fix. This app is in general extremely helpful but not with all the new issues!

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago Sazifrazz

Still no ‘Landscape Mode’

This is an amazing app. However, this time around I’m only giving it three stars because developers have ignored the need for using the app on large iPads positioned in ‘Landscape.’ Craning my neck to view has not been a very pleasant experience over several years now. It surprises me that Dyson does not take this seriously.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago notokay1

my light

the connection to the app is poor and the light frequently goes off line and has to be unplugged to be reset

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago mickeygiz

Updated App Limited

Why would I have to enter all my serial numbers and dates of purchase for additional products when I’d previously registered everything on your site and you have that info. Also, description states 24/7 support/documentation for all other products. If it’s there it’s hiding from me. Let me access info on older products - vacuums, fans, humidifiers, etc.Control is nice though.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago maryann117

Steering Parameters

Terribly limited exposure of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool machine steering parameters for Siri. this makes it so use case Limited it’s equivalent to a basic fan from the 1900’s. come on Dyson, we’re in 2020s now. Absolutely no HomeKit support either.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago Steel Drums

Crappy setup process

Very poor setup process. Rather than use Bluetooth for setup, you have to join some ad hoc wifi by going to settings, and you have to get the password off the device.Also the app forces portrait orientation on tablets which is a major ergonomics problem on tablets. Apps should NOT force a specific screen orientation like this.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago IonlyLikeCoolStuff

Almost ready to return to normal fan

My Dyson goes offline once a week or every two weeks. It is an irritation to reset so frequently. I am very close to returning to a normal fan. Much less hassle.

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago ff9stev

No working!!!

I just bought Dyson Air purifier, and tried to connect to my WIFI which was not able to do, because manufacturer did not updated app for new machines with Apple iOS. It is horrible service !!! Why you asking me to upload application which is doesn’t work any way!!!!!

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago Slava86UA

Cannot rotate app on ipad

Please fix this so it can work better on my ipad. I am using ipad pro with the keyboard and it’s annoying that i cannot rotate the app

  • Gepubliceerd: 1 month ago UncleJimbou

Resetting the life on the airfiler

I googled how to reset the air filter life a few times and tried it and it never took. I just have to remember when I changed it. It’d be nice if that was someplace in the app, not the machine.

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 months ago jennann43

Clean air, warm mornings, quiet operation

Totally satisfied with the operation of the unit, the product is exactly as represented.Recent wildfire smoke has stayed outdoors with indoor air quality being consistently good. The fan distributes airflow very evenly, it quickly eliminates that morning chill. We use it in a small space, 400 square feet Great product.

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 months ago Ducati Dude

You can’t get rid of old items

It is really frustrating to get notices about items you haven’t had in years and that you can’t remove from your account or get removed even if you call support

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 months ago TheTaxperson

App no longer works

The app worked before. Now it does not.You are better off getting the cheaper version that does not have WiFi.

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 months ago Wildernesshike

Actually quite good

One of the first smart home apps that’s actually quite good! And I say this as a UI designer in SF. They got the details right. Very impressed. Keep up the good work.

  • Gepubliceerd: 2 months ago kazammm

App can’t connect

When you take off wifi to leave outside toDo errands and come home.. the app is unable to read the Dyson. Even if you re Manually restart the phone and settings on the Dyson,It’s stlll unable to find the service to connect. It’s annoying it works when it wants to work. Done all the trouble shooting and restarting app needs a better blue tooth connection from the Dyson to the phone.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago leenalovepro

I Can’t Log In

I can’t log in to an account I created 30 minutes ago. Are you kidding me? Can’t reset password? SERIOUSLY? The entire IT department is so terrible to complete the most basic functionality. It is the most terrible “luxury” brand I have ever bought in my life.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago AkiraMC

Love this

The Dyson fan/heater and air purifier is the greatest thingI use it every day and control the airflow and purity. it heats quickly in the winter and cools fast in the summer. I've been using it for years and I highly recommend it

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago DoubleCTech


Hello! The reason for my score is simply the inconsistency of the app. When it works as intended it’s great! But I find that I am unable to connect to my machine regularly. I understand this may be due to my internet connection. Even as I write this review I have to type my note elsewhere and copy and paste it into the review section of the app because as I type text in the app the text is invisible and I need to copy and paste this to even see what I’m writing. Setting up my machine for the first time with the app was an absolute nightmare. I was getting help from the chat for hours and nothing helped. Eventually I tried a few days later and it worked. Just absolutely shocked that the app has failed me as often as it does with such a high price on my actual machine, and also I believed the Dyson name to be trustworthy and reliable but the app alone has really made me question weather or not I will purchase Dyson again in the future. Sorry for the bad review. I truly with I had more positive things to say but the app really just is aweful and frustrating when it is not working as intended, which for me is often. Sad day.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago zoinks1212

This App is HORRIBLE!!!

Constantly disconnecting from Bluetooth with my light and settings don’t seem to make any difference. My light will regularly just turn off if I’m using one of the modes. And the auto on/off and movement sensors seem to have minds of their own. I’ve had to delete my light from the app and even reinstall the app multiple times😡

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago MFD72

Fan is useless without the app

My spouse bought and registered a fancy Dyson fan. The only way to control it is through the app. I can’t log into the app without her password and a secret code sent to her email. This situation is tolerable once, but the app never remembers that I’m logged in because I use it so infrequently. This is infuriating and I hate this fan with a passion

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago Abdjfkfodjejn


Excellent very easy

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago Chinalogan

Doesn’t work at all after latest update

This app has always struggled to connect to my new dyson fan, and doesn’t work at all now after the last update.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago Lorring

Too many permissions required

Required Bluetooth access, location access, wifi router access and password? Too much and suspicious. Deleted the app and won’t be using with my product

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago Igoti Shoes

Too much info

They ask to much information.You have to let them know the location, name and password of your router. Weird

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago J M R C

Do not waste your money on a Dyson

I purchased two of their fans, with the promise that they had an application that would control them. Well I found out that number one, they provide zero support for their App, and number two, the Raptors not work. I can’t even login, their app requires they send you a four digit code, and they never send it. When you ask customer support, they tell you they cannot help you. Dyson provides zero support, so I recommend do not use this app, and do not buy Dyson in the future.

  • Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago crcarpenter

Bad app. Can’t control heat. Trouble connecting to Dyson.

I had trouble connecting to Dyson and had to try on my iPad. Then it finally worked. Maybe it’s just my phone. But what really made me give the one star is the fact you can’t control heat temp with the app. You also can’t switch from cool fan to heating. You can only go heating to cool fan. I know the app says it’s because of regulations. But wow, horrible user experience. Basically useless app.

  • Gepubliceerd: 4 months ago Gamerduder

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